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About Me!


I'm Isabelle, an artist, author, animator and creator of stuff, currently living in Sydney Australia.

I love cartoons, sci fi, cats, anything that glows or sparkles, and I'm completely obsessed with dragons.

I'm also a huge fan of any dessert that has apples in it.


About the Site

It is common knowledge that curiosity can lead to many accidents and undesirable outcomes.

This will not be the case while you're here.

This website in fact will reward you for your curiosity.

There is content hidden around the site, which you may find by  stumbling across it accidentally, or deliberately looking for it.

That is all you need to know.




About the Mascot

Trixie represents creativity and imagination. Her appearance can change depending on her mood and the environment she's in.

She is upbeat and cheerful and loves making new friends.


Her hobbies include cooking, sleeping and levitation.

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